Short Spikey Hairstyles Styling Directions with Tips and Drawbacks

Short Spikey Hairstyles Styling Directions with Tips and Drawbacks

Very short spikey hairstyles are in style among men and women. You can easily create such hairstyles at home after getting some basic information. Versatile and funky appearance of short spikey hairstyles has admired these haircuts among women. The invocation of extreme varieties of spiky hairstyles has broken the misconception of various people that short spiky haircuts would not work well with their personalities but the innovation in different styles and textures has changed their minds.



To get medium short spikey hairstyles, follow some directions and get an extra glam look.

  • Choose an appropriate short spiky hairstyle photograph and show it to your hairstylist. You can get photographs from internet and also from fashion magazines celebrities’ pictures.
  • Use of razor in creating spikes adds some texture to ends.

Short Spikey Hairstyles Short Spikey Hairstyles

  • Select a branded extra-hold gel and apply through your hair. Blow dry until your hair gets dry. Don’t forget to apply some hair products to get a lasting hairstyle.
  • Short spikey hairstyles for women; to achieve desired spikes, apply some wax or hair styling pastes to pinch and pull hair. Make clumps all over the head until unless you get your desired appearance.
  • Finally use hair spray to get lasting look and to hold spikes.
  • Flatten your hair if there is any frizz or disperse in style.
  • Short spiky hairstyles create a very funky and stylish look.
  • You can wear these hairstyles with hair accessories like flows, pins and clips.
  • Funny short spikey hairstyles; These hairstyles works great with any type of hair texture.


  • Using the electric razor to clean nape of neck will remove hair for short time and you need to cut your style often.
  • Short spikey hairstyles for guys; the main and big inconvenience with spiky hairstyle is these styles require a lot of hair products to style them out.
  • Unnecessary usage of hair products may harm your hair texture.


  • Women having fine hair texture can easily opt these short spiky haircuts because the shorter length cuts require less hair products to style.
  • Short spiky hairstyles can be advantageous for curly hair as gel or wax can be used to accentuate curl.
  • Volumized straight hair by teasing them upright and upside down.
  • To opt a short spiky hairstyle, you can pin up your bangs to one side of your head and then create spikes.
Short Spikey Hairstyles Styling Directions with Tips and Drawbacks
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