Short Spikey Hair Styles | Tips and Warnings

Short Spikey Hair Styles Tips and Warnings

Spikey hair styles require no or less maintenance and re-energize your look. These haircuts can be subtle or dramatic. Spikey hairstyles are equally popular among men and women. Very short spikey hair styles with pixie cuts keep women look young and fresh while Men short spikey hair styles give a tame or punk look to men. Emo short spikey hair styles and short spikey hair styles for girls are becoming more adaptable among young girls. Spikey styles support the look and facial features of some women and at the same time Black short spikey hair styles add different featured elements to create more versatile look. The use of proper hair products and some guidance from pictures of short spikey hair styles will help you a lot to get a sexy spikes.


Keep your hair Spikey

Apply small amount of hair gel, spray or wax to achieve spikes. After soothing your scalp with moisturizer, dry hair with towel until damp but not completely dry. Pour a drop of hair wax and rub into your palms to spread and then smoothly apply into your hair strands. Create spikes by grabbing your hair strands upwards. Leave your hair to air dry. You may comb and spray your spikes to add spikier look after hair dry. At the end apply wax or hair spray to finished look.

Short Spikey Hair Styles Short Spikey Hair Styles
Short Hairstyles

Short crop, chop, pixie haircuts and cap hairstyles are all short hairstyles which refer to wear length not more than 2 inches around the face and prominent jaw line. Many famous Hollywood stars favored pixie haircuts such as Charlize theron and Halle Berry. Also short hairstyles go well with middle volume hair textures.

Product Selection

After getting your perfect spikey look, you need to learn about the styling products to manage your spikes. Try to stick on those products which are specifically made for such haircuts to hold the style. Hair gels, mousse, spiking glue are generally hair products which you can easily find in men or women sections.


Consider the reasons of opting short haircuts such as hair texture, length and your face shape. If you got good proper reason to opt short haircut then avail the chance otherwise quit to plan as the short hair styles may not work well for all women and require time to grow hair out.

Short Spikey Hair Styles | Tips and Warnings
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