Layered Short Haircuts | 5 Cool Trends

Layered Short Haircuts 5 Cool Trends

If you want to opt short hairstyle but are afraid of boring haircut, you can select an appropriate short haircut from several splendid options provided by short haircuts. Add layers to get extra style. Layers provide versatility in short haircuts and you can modify layers according to your own style. Layered short haircuts with bangs and medium layered short haircuts are stylish and require trimming regularly once in a month. The low maintenance shoulder length layered short haircuts have an edgy look which not look good on every face shape may, so be careful in choosing the right haircut for you.


Pixie layered short haircuts

The length of pixie haircuts is kept three to four inches long along the entire head. Layered pixie adds layers on top head which will add volume and texturized the look. Sometimes work well with bangs of same length of 4 inches across forehead. Pixie hairstyles are sophisticated and edgy hairstyles to hold chic appearance.

Long Layered Short Haircuts Long Layered Short Haircuts

Bob hairstyles are bit longer short hairstyles up to chin length or slight longer. Versatile options in bob hairstyles won’t let you to get bored. The interesting addition in bob allows you to stick with bob styles. Long layered short haircuts works best with bob styles due to length variations. Layers add texture and edginess to bob.


The cutting technique of cap hairstyle illustrates to brush all the crown hair towards front on forehead to create long bangs. Keep all the rest hair in short length with cropped look close to head. Add layers and style cap style wit gel to prevent sleek or boyish look.


Fringes hairstyles are similar to pixie but layers are kept longer in lengths and large in numbers. Fringes are cut tapered and spiky chunks are created to get stylish and edgy look. Fringes require more maintenance and frequent trips to salons.


Feminine spiky haircuts are similar to pixie but with short hair lengths. Cut the hair wisps into one or two inches long and add layers to texturize the hair look. Use hair gel or wax to create spikes and hold them. Spikes are confident edgy hairstyle which only a few women pull off. Add some colorful strands to get versatile emo layered short haircuts.

Layered Short Haircuts | 5 Cool Trends
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