How to Get Rid of Chlorine Green Hair using Home Remedies

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How to Get Rid of Chlorine Green Hair using Home Remedies

In summer season, you often notice your green hair and there is a common misconception that swimming during summer months gift you chlorine and as a result your hair start turning a green hue. Chlorine is one of the essential chemicals to be added in swimming pool and exposure of these chemicals on your hair change the shade of your hair to green. Several researchers have shown that it is not chlorine that reacts with your hair color but the real culprit is copper that change your hair color. This is not a big deal because there are different remedies to get rid of chlorine green hair. You can follow given below steps to defuse copper hair infectivity.

Steps to Follow:

  • How to get rid of chlorine green hair rinsing; EC demineralizing solution is usually recommended by experts to defuse chlorine effects from hair. This solution is easily available on different online sites and hair stylists. Do not forget to confirm instructions about application of this solution because instructions may vary depending on the length of hair. Demineralizing solution is best choice to remove green tint and copper from your hair after swimming.
  • How to get rid of chlorine green hair pool; Mixture of powdered lemonade drink and shampoo can be best homemade tonic to treat your chlorine green hair. Apply this mixture on your hair; make foams and rinse well to remove all granules. It can dry your hair so it is good to use conditioner after using this mixture. You can also take a head massage of powdered lemonade drink to remove green color from your hair.
  • You can also add ketchup in your shampoo as it is also very efficient to treat chlorine green hair. Ketchup is very handy product because it is usually available every time at home. Wash your tresses with assortment of ketchup as well as sponge down and cover up your skull with spray cap for ten minutes.
  • How to get rid of chlorine green hair ever; Baking soda is one of the best options to get rid of chlorine stains so it is recommended that if you are a frequent swimmer then apply this mixture for ten minutes as per condition of your hair and then wash carefully. 5 table spoon baking soda and 2/3 cup water can prepare a smooth mixture. Pour this mixture in the bottle of your conditioner and use it with your shampoo.
  • Apple cider vinegar is another homemade mixture used to treat chlorine green hair. You are required to apply 8 oz. apple cider vinegar to your hair.

You can also use shampoo specifically prepare remove chlorine from hair. You treat your hair with this shampoo on daily basis. These shampoos serve as best neutralizing agents and are easily available at beauty and pool supply stores.

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