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How to Get Healthy Hair via Natural Sleep with Conditioner?

How to Get Healthy Hair via Natural Sleep with Conditioner?

Healthy sleeping habits can trigger the growth of your hair therefore application of moist or oil in your locks before going to sleep will categorically help you to some potential benefits. It will help you to prevent hair damage while sleeping that often cause because fraction that produce as a result of tossing and turning during nap. You can prevent this by applying moisture rich conditioner before going to bed. It will decrease the hair fraction and make your hair healthier. I know you are thinking that applying conditioner before going to bed will spoil your pillow. Do not worry because there are some special tricks that help you to seal the moisture in the locks to make them glossy.


Instructions to Apply Conditioner:

Do not forget to consider following instructions before applying conditioner in your locks:

  • 1
    Selection of conditioner widely depends on the type and texture of your hair. Thick textured hair requires extra dampness as compare to thin textured hair. For thick hair just like African ladies, use leave-in conditioner to get smooth hair texture.
  • 2
    Leaving conditioner in hair for the whole night will put magical effects on your hair because conditioner gets plenty of time to soak. Hair wrap is best way to lock conditioner in the hair for whole night to make it work properly for your hair.
  • 3
    Extensive tooth comb with help you to unravel your locks that is necessary for easy application of leave-in conditioner. To apply conditioner in all hair properly has four parts of hair equally. Take small amount of conditioner in your palm and then gently rub it on your hair from roots to tips. After finishing conditioner work once again comb your hair as it will help conditioner to spread properly in all locks.
  • 4

    Olive oil and coconut oil both are natural moisture for hair so you can also apply these in your hair.

  • 5
    There are different options to lock conditioner for the whole night such as you can braid your hair and then cover them with silk scarf. If your hair is small for braiding then you can wrap them and cover them with scarf.
  • 6
    If you find that your hair is shrinking continuously then after completing damping process at night prepares a loose ponytail in upward direction.


Avoid above mentioned tips in case your hair is of relax or wavy texture because this treatment can augment the production of oils in your hair. It is perfect treatment for the girls with natural hair only.


How to Get Healthy Hair via Natural Sleep with Conditioner?
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