How to Care the Hairs after Re-bonding

How to Care the Hairs after Rebonding

Just you need to know that how the re-bonding can destruct your hair follicles and damaging it gradually. Re-bonding consist of using high harmed items or products with heating appliances like hair straightener, don’t you think that hair straighter heat can break the hairs badly. Well, since the thing is, don’t let your hair departed ever after getting rebounded them, because you are not finished yet, there are some several things to keep the re-bonding results same long lasting.


Useful Tips First:

  • After bonding the hairs, the strands frequently required a proper steaming, to do so just take warm water in a tub and soak a towel in it for some time, after squeeze the towel completely and make sure that all the water has dropped out of it while squeezing. Then the warm water has left out some dampness or heating steam in a towel. Just wrap it completely around your head. The steam will work as a moisturizing product for your hair and imply a natural moisturize in your hairs.
  • DRY HAIRS; if your hairs are dry after bonding then apply any sort of good hair essential oil in your hairs once a day.
  • AVOID USING HEAT APPLIANCES (Please its highly recommended)


Things You’ll Need

  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Silicone hair serum
  • Spongy absorbent towel
  • Wide-toothed comb or brush



  • 1
    If your hair is recently bonded down then you must wait for almost 2 days to wash them with shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo and conditioner is must for the bonded hairs as it turns more the hair in sleek and soothing look.
  • 2
    After rinsing off the hairs keep working with your towel to make the all hairs waterless but do not scrape or scrub the towel on hairs. Just pat it on the strands softly until you make sure that you have dried them up 100%.
  • 3
    Take a good quality piece of silicone made serum bottle and apply a small amount of it on your scalp to make them a bit greasy to make all strands soft-hard and silky. Put a small amount of silicon serum on your palms and restorative massage your scalp with fingertips.
  • 4
    Wide teeth hair brush or wide teeth comb – drag one of them onto your hairs to blend up evenly the serum all through the hairs. Make sure that you have completely coated or concealed strands with silicon hair serum with a comb or brush.
  • 5
    Allow the hair wind air blow dry naturally; do not use ever hair dryer or straightener frequently after bonding. Keep all them on a little use.
How to Care the Hairs after Re-bonding
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