Choose the Right Teenage Boy Preppy Hairstyles and Woo the School

Choose the Right Teenage Boy Preppy Hairstyles and Woo the School

Teenage boys are considered to be active, full of energy with a great physique and a passion for fashion. Believe it or not but the kind of hairstyle a teenage boy chooses to keep actually plays a vital role in defining his personal sense of style. Well boys, more news for all you fashionistas out there is that girls pay deep attention to the way you keep your hair. So, here is a set of Trendy Teenage Boy Preppy Hairstyles. Choose the one that best suits your face and voila! You are good to go.

Types of Gorgeous Teenage Boy Preppy Hairstyles

The buzz cut

This is also popularly known as the crew cut. This kind of hairstyle was enormously popular in the early 90’s. However, this style of hair has made its way back into fashion. This cut focuses on short hair, a cut very close to the hair but is marginally longer on the top.


Dreadlocks are popularly known as just dreads and are considered as one of the most Styled Teenage Boy Preppy Hairstyles of all times. This kind of hairstyle do not usually need much maintenance after being locked as the hair product that is used to lock the hair keeps the hair bonded together.

Shag Hairstyle

This can be a very Cute Teenage Boy Preppy Hairstyle however, this can be a little tricky too. This is the hairstyle where the edgy hair covers the ears in the slanting way and at times it also covers one eye.

Spikey Hairstyle

In this Cool Teenage Boy Preppy Hairstyle you make use of a razor in order to cut off the edges of the hair making them look like spikes or rather, thorns attached to a flower where your head is the flower. Afterwards, hair products such as hair gels or hair sprays are needed in order to maintain it.

Long hair Spikey Hairstyle

Long hair Long hairs have always been popular among teenage boys especially, among the Native American teenage boys. Such hair can simply be tied in a ponytail or let loose.


Tips to Choose:

  • The buzz or the crew cut looks gorgeous on teenage boys especially if they are well-built and are most popular among football or other sporty guys at school. Also if you have slightly rough texture then this should be your haircut.
  • The dreadlocks can be chosen if they do not make your face look alienated.
  • The shag is a very Trendy Teenage Boy Preppy Hairstyle but only if you handle it well. If shag makes you feel awkward then avoid it. You don’t have to be Zac Efron or Justin Bieber.
  • Keep long hair only if your hair texture is really nice and smooth and you shampoo regularly.
  • Spiked hair is a Cool Teenage Boy Preppy Hairstyle which looks adorable especially if you have rough hair.
Choose the Right Teenage Boy Preppy Hairstyles and Woo the School
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