50 Hairstyles

How to Make 50's Hairstyles!

How to Make 50’s Hairstyles!

In the fifties, female’s hairdos were very elegant and easy. Along with natural-looking shade, smooth waves along with easy-to-do chignons, a ’50s lady got easy type, fashion and elegance. If you would like copy a nineteen fifties vintage hair do, let go of the hair dryer — they did not apply it in those days. Take out your curlers, hooks and scalp headband and prepare to resemble a lo... »

Hairstyles For Over 50s

Hairstyles For Over 50s 2012 Transform The Deep-Rooted Fashion

If your primary tresses are graying, understand that grayish locks may be magnificent. Hairstyles for over 50s 2012; when the hair transforms in other color then it will get the hair dulled and out-dated despite several applications of remediation. Reported by Anticipation newspaper, a survey by L’Oreal said that somewhere around 50 % of females who definitely are above forty years old are u... »

4 Ways to pick 50 hairstyles

4 Ways to pick 50 hairstyles

As far as the 50 hairstyles decade is concerned, curls were very much in fashion. From the 50 hairstyle celebrity photos, we can easily note down that nowadays 50 hairstyles for men are no more in practice. However, women used to keep their hair short and shape them in soft curls in 1950s. Not only the rollers were very common but also the excess usage of chemicals was quite noticeable during that... »