Black Short Bob Hair Styles “The Dark Divas”

Black Short Bob Hair Styles “The Dark Divas

Black is the color of mystery and darkness. The fusion of the feminine with black always comes out with something very attractive, seductive and appealing. As it marks itself dangerous and breathtaking, Black short bob hairstyles are the most electrifying and ravishing choice of a lady. Many famous Hollywood ladies have outstand themselves by carrying black short bobs.


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    Rihanna, Katie Holmes and many more other ravishing Hollywood divas have sparkled the Hollywood nights with their layered black short bob hairstyles which may vary in sizes. They can end up to the earlobe making it very short.

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    The style is known as bop black short bob hairstyles. They can hang to the level of cheeks while the size varies to the nape of the neck. Which are called medium black short bob hairstyles? Adding curls to these styles makes the women of the era more seductive than ever, the curls must be placed in a very graceful way not at all giving the look of a Christmas tree.

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    They can be glittered with spray and positioned by hairspray or gel. The look can be a tidy one giving a decent and gracious aura or it can be messy sending freestyle, funky essence. This style is known as curly black short bob hairstyles.

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    Black short bob hairs also go with dark thin hair and bake a perfect hairstyle with them giving you a gothic look. A little longer hair in the same style will give you a blunt vamp look and the longer locks up to the nape of the neck will only give you a robotic and materialistic look emanating an aura of strength from you.

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    The Rand B singer Rihanna has adopted this style for her new album for the song umbrella and many other times.

Exclusive Thoughts:

There are also other names known as new styles of bob black hairs, revolving around in town. The names of the styles are the bobby black short bob hairstyles and Robert black short bob hairstyles. Both of them are not existing hairstyles. They are the name of two people. First one the name of a musician and the later one is a politician having no contact with the design or style of the haircut. Black has always been the color of night and mystery not revealing its secrets. Mixing it with bob makes it more elegantly wild. The styles and their fusion according to our own choice take our persona to a completely new level. With a little change and creativity we change our appearance to a completely new avatar expressing a complete new side of you.

Black Short Bob Hair Styles “The Dark Divas”
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